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Several have asked me why I started this blog.  It exists because there is a need for it.  Out on the prairie, and away from the big city lights, the local media has become a partner with government.  “Journalism” used to be associated with a natural curiosity about facts and issues—essentially a faithful quest for the truth.  Holding truth in high esteem is the cornerstone of real journalism and good government.  Today, ‘the news’ has become the partisan mouthpiece for spin.   In a lively and vibrant market, spin thrives as competing viewpoints seek to capture and sway public opinion.  In a tiny market where media is monopolized into the hands of very few there becomes a vacuum of truth, and ‘spin’ becomes evil.  The gatekeepers suppress the truth in an effort to sway public opinion.  Harvesting truth from the mouths of entertainers is not a healthy environment for a healthy community.  Gleaning truth from partisan journalism is futile.  Until the traditional media returns to its roots of reporting the facts and digging for the truth, there will be a need for this blog and for citizens to be more vigilant at demanding the truth from our leadership and those that report real news.

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