About me…

 I believe in Minnesota.  I have traveled the world and can find no better place to set down roots.  This is not only home, it is paradise.  A brief Bio…

Ford Peterson, 74378 CSAH 6, Dassel, MN  55325

Age: 54

Occupation: Self-employed Accountant

Father, husband, small business owner, business consultant, taxpayer, voter, concerned citizen, land owner

The only thing evil men need to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  — Edmund Burke

Many have asked me to run for this-or-that office.  Never!  For far too long too many of us have chosen to do nothing.  This website/blog is my attempt to make up for my decades of neglect.  Minnesota’s government is broken.  The only way to fix it is to dig in with both feet and lend what wits we can muster to help our state thrive.  We elect exactly who we deserve.  Yet we deserve better. 

I invite you to contribute with comments, suggestions, and when necessary, criticism.  This is a public forum.  Our elected officials and candidates have earned the right to be treated with respect.  If you want to give them a piece of your mind in a vulgar manner, then do it to their face or in a direct email.  It’s good to be King.  In this blog space I am the King.  Be decent or your post will be deleted without fanfare or prejudice.

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