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Al Franken promotes lower wages for employees

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

By Ford Peterson

Senator Al Franken boasts “3.5 Million Jobs.”

The truth: Al Franken is actually damaging wages! This is basic economics!

Think about it. If you are a welder, machine operator, truck driver, corrections officer, (pick any skilled occupation), your wages are determined in an established marketplace. If wages are better than average, it is because special skills are in high demand. An employer has to pay higher wages to keep and attract workers.

Read that again…

An employer must pay higher wages to keep and attract workers when those skills are in high demand. That is, until Al Franken skips econ 1001, lines his pockets with campaign contributions, and moves to destroy middle class wages! Employers (read—wealthy employers) likely provide Franken with campaign contributions while demanding cheap labor. Al Franken is quick to grab the money and promote low pay for workers! It is clear that Al Franken’s rhetoric deserves a big “thank you” from wealthy business tycoons as Al Franken works to destroy middle class wages.

Think about it… Consider the worker who makes $30/hour today. What happens when Al Franken floods that occupation with trained $12/hour 25 year olds? Are experienced workers more likely, or less likely, to enjoy overtime wages? Layoffs of higher paid experienced workers and a reduction in overtime pay becomes more likely because of Senator Al Franken! As the employer picks up newly trained workers (thanks Al) at lower wages, there is pressure to make experienced workers disappear! Some workers may even experience seeing his or her own wages slashed! It will be far cheaper for the employer to sign up readily available newly trained low wage workers (thanks Al) than pay the current work force overtime. There is no longer a natural upward pressure on wages when Franken starts flooding the market with cheap labor.

Meanwhile, these very same workers vote for this fool as they fall prey to “3.5 Million Jobs” rhetoric. Apparently, these same voters skipped the same Econ 1001 class.

Anyone voting for Al Franken is voting to destroy wages in America!